tisdag 23 oktober 2007

Cold morning in Arlöv

Sure was cold this morning in Arlöv. This last weekend our heating system sort of broke down, we had about 15C in the house. Lucky I got hold of a rapairman yesterday who could fix it. Guess it would have been frost on our houseplants otherwise.

Last evening my oldest son completed a school assignment doing some kind of familytree on my fathers side along with historical events along the way. The work started with my grandfather and ended with my son.

My father was born not knowing who his father was, not until he reached the age of 60, then his big sister revealed the secret. On his birthday he was told that he was the son of a well known politician in Finland by the name of Emil Skog. Emil had been minister of defence for about even years and finance minister for a shorter period. He was also in the election for president once.

1971 he wrote his memoares but unfortunatly only available in finish, so I haven't been able to read them.

My sons school assignment was surely a bit more interesting for him searching official documents and pictures of Emil Skog.

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